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About us

Sister, brother, mother, aunt, cousins. These are our family relationships that, after long discussions and considerations, led us to the idea of founding a company improving the quality and accessibility of pre-primary education both on a national and international level. We used to attend kindergartens and now our children need them. But they need a different kind of kindergarten, one that shows them at an early age how the world works in the 21st century.

What would this world have lost if we had not come?

If Alfa Kindergarten was not on the market, the world would lose a unique place where a new generation of Alpha children is developing. A place where children become unique individuals through an environment and approach that encourages holistic personal development, discovery and the acquisition of new skills in a safe space, under professional supervision. Where children are not taught, but learn on their own how to be independent, responsible, logical thinkers, team players.

A corner of the earth for the little ones, where they can do (almost) everything in correlation with respect for the boundaries of other people and nature. Where even technology has its representation and serves children for their development. A place where a foreign language is not a foreign language. A kindergarten where care is taken to understand feelings, values, both mental and financial, culture, aesthetics/creativity and community from an early age. So that in the future the Slovak Alfa generation can be compared with the same generation of other countries.

This is us


Martina Dolejská


Juraj Jurčák


Ivana Tušková


Hana Júlia Tušková


Marek Tuška

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Would you like to attend Alfa Kindergarten? Subscribe to our newsletter.